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In the UK, tobacco consumption kills nearly 300 people every day, or 106,000 every year. [LINK]

Passive smoking kills more than 11,000 a year, in the UK alone. [LINK].

In Liverpool, 1000 deaths every year are attributed to smoking. [LINK]

In the North East UK, 200 non-smokers die of smoking related illness, before reaching retirement, every year.

In addition, smoking kills 15 people in the North East UK, every day. [LINK]

1 in 10 of all deaths worldwide are caused by smoking-relating illness. At the current rate, by 2030 this figure will have risen to 1 in 6.

Every 8 seconds someone dies as a result of tobacco use. [LINK]

Smoking places an enormous burden on the British health service; "It has been estimated that, in England, 364,000 patients are admitted to NHS hospitals each year due to diseases caused by smoking. This translates into 7,000 hospital admissions per week, or 1,000 day." [LINK]

Smokers are twice as likely to suffer blindness in old age compared to non-smokers. [LINK]

Tobacco is the only legally available consumer product in the UK which, when used as intended, kills people.

Half of all smokers will die as a result of their habit.

Tobacco duty earned £8,093 million for the British Exchequer, (not including VAT!) in the financial year 2003-04. [LINK]



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